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Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Avoid the tacky bright pinks and reds, and go for a subtle classy makeup look this Valentine's Day.

This Valentine's Day do a little something different. Instead of sitting in the house, on you couch eating the night away at that Talenti Gelato Southern Butter Pecan ice cream in the fridge, binge watching your favorite Netflix show for the 5th time, depressed about not having a beau this year, practice self love. No matter what position you are in life, self love is extremely valuable.



So what am I, Wilonda Previlon, doing this Valentine's Day this year? No, I am not single, but I will be spending it alone this year. Being in a long distance relationship, this year we just could not spend the day of love together. So, I am basically in the same boat as many of you awesome single ladies. I did not let that hinder me from showing love to the most important person on Earth, me. Get ready with me because on Valentine's Day, I am loving on ME.


Watch | "Get Ready With Me: Valentine's Day"


My Top 5 Self Care Valentine's Day Ideas:

1. Spa Night - You don't need a significant other to pamper you. Break out the bath salts, candles, and a bottle of champagne to unwind and relax in peace.

2. Private Table For One - Of course, there is always the option to go to a fancy dinner, but if you want to avoid sitting next to couples who are all lovey dovey on each other, bring the fancy restaurant to you. Cook a steak meal, get cute, and enjoy the thought of not having to wait for a table in a crowded restaurant.

3. Shop Til You Drop - Diamonds are a girl's best friend (so I've heard). A little retail therapy is always a great way to reward yourself. If you are an online shopper like me, I can have 20 different tabs open all at once and spend hours filling up my cart with different outfits I want to create next. It is very therapeutic for me. Whether you walk in store or shop online, retail therapy is a possible way to spend your Valentine's Day.

4. Plan A Galantines - If you are in a group with a bunch of other fab single independent women, that is even better! Get together with your girls and plan either a night in or a night out. The plan is to embrace the single life and love on each other. You'll be surprised; loving on someone else can actually make you feel good about yourself.

5. Sleep - Last, but definitely not least, SLEEEEPP! Let's be honest. Your girl just need to sleep the night away. Mothers, entrepreneurs, double jobs sometimes triple jobs shawties...we all can use some REST. As woman we stretch ourselves thin. We have to be at soccer practice, we have to run a one woman business, our 9-5's sometimes turns into 9-9's. I realize the best gifts are truly free. Stay in, throw that bonnet on, put your facial night creme on, and catch up on some beauty sleep. You deserve it!

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Love you all and thanks for reading!

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