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Key West Vibes & Financial Freedom

Exploring the waves of Key West while living a debt free life.

Balcony of H20 Suites Key West

6 hours and 44 minutes is what it took to drive from Orlando, FL to Key West, FL. Was it worth it?

HOTEL: When picking out a place to stay in anytime I travel, it HAS to be a 4 or 5 star resort...why? I mean...why not?? If I am leaving my clean, comfortable one bedroom apartment in Atlanta, then the place I choose to spend my money and lay my head MUST be better than where I am currently residing.

I decided to try the new H2O Suites Key West. My 3 day stay there was what I needed to unwind and feel at ease. Everything from the stunning glass shower to the soothing water feature in the courtyard; this hotel has the right amount of serenity.



So let me get right into it. The real reason for this trip was not only to just have some fun in the sun. It was a celebration...a celebration for myself for working my butt of the past 2 years in knocking out my debt. Not giving into society's vision on how I'm suppose to spend my money, but having a tunnel vision of my ultimate goal. I had over $20,000 in student loan, car loan, and credit card debt. I wanted to celebrate by not only going to a city I've never been to, but to cash flow this entire trip. THAT'S my true definition of success. Knowing I do not owe anyone anything and all the income that comes in is for me to build generational wealth.

That Glow When You Don't Owe

I have so much more I can say about becoming debt free. If you are Interested in me recording a Youtube video on tips on how I became debt free, leave a comment down below and questions you would like me to answer!

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Love you all and thanks for reading!

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